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Computer Requirements




Operating System: Windows 10
◦ Processor: I5 or I7 2 GHz multi-core processor or faster 32 and 64 bits Recommended to use 64Bits.
◦ RAM: 8GB;16GB or higher

Video Cards
• 1GB or more We like Nvidia Cards

1. Memory :
- 3D board with memory dedicated of 1 GB Off board or higher, with support to    OpenGL.
    - We recommend Nvidia VGA, since they reach the specifications.
    - There are restrictions to Intel, SIS and Nvidia model GeForce 210 VGAs.
2. VGA Driver:
    - It´s indispensable the VGA driver be updated according to the Producer´s updating’s.
    - Driver outdated more than 6 months can be compromise the Promob´s performance and use.
    - Even buying a new computer, it´s necessary verify if the VGA driver is updated.

Internet: Internet connection with 10 Mbps Upload and 30 Mbps Downloads (Latency less than 200ms)

3. Disk Space:
  • 4 GB best to use SSD


Video Cards Requirements

Framework Requirements

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