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Top 5 Sales Tips for Woodworkers

Top 5 Sales Tips for Woodworkers
For a joinery to succeed, it is not enough to have the best products. Furniture will not sell itself, and even if it is not a born salesman, the carpenter will have to take on this role at some point. When that time comes, it is advisable to master some sales tips.
Promob | 14/9/2017

Promob is Top of Mind

The Promob brand is among the finalists of the 2017 Top Mobile Award in two branded souvenir categories: "Suppliers of Industry-Software" and the newly created "Manufacturer of Furniture-Software Store Management".
Promob | 22/8/2017

Tile Addon for Promob Plus

Revest is a Promob plugin for the automated insertion of ceramic and wood flooring, among others, in the walls and floors of the projects, through the use of the different types of page available and also for the insertion of tables.
Steve Walford | 10/7/2017
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