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It was the time when it was enough to offer a good product and service to win over consumers. Currently, with
strong competition in almost all markets, we must go beyond to differentiate and always guarantee the
preference. With the joinery segment is no different. Improving customer service is the key to entrepreneurs
who want to keep their business up, even in times of crisis.

Among the tips to offer impeccable service in your carpentry are: bet on customization, highlight the most
important features of the product for each customer and present a deadline for deliveries.

See how to improve the customer service of the joinery and achieve incredible results for your business!

Provide personalized customer service

Personalization is a word of order to improve the customer service of your joinery. Your consumers are not
the same, so the way they are taken care of can not be either.

In order to offer a tailor-made service to its customers, it is necessary, first of all, to meet them.
This means knowing what your buying habits are, how often they do business with your carpentry shop,
and what kind of products / services you usually get with your company.

To do this, seek to maintain a complete register of your customers, with as much information as possible
about them. In addition to the basic data such as name, address, phone and documents, go beyond and
enter valuable information such as anniversary date, most used payment method, most purchased products,
and even types of wood you prefer. So you can offer the most personalized service possible.

Highlight the most important features of the product

Good customer service still knows how to sell the products and services available in the mix of your joinery.
In this sense, always seek to highlight during the sale the characteristics of the item that are more aligned
with what the customer seeks.

For this, it is essential to know well the products sold by your company in order to have a good sales pitch
and to remove all possible customer doubts.

Another important point is to listen to the consumer and understand their needs. That way, you can point
out to him the characteristics of the product that make it the ideal order for your purchase in the joinery.

If you do not have in your company any product that is appropriate to what the customer seeks or needs,
be honest. It is better to lose a sale and gain consumer confidence than to push an item that does not
meet customer needs and lose it forever.

Present a delivery deadline

Who wants to know how to improve the customer service of the joinery can not fail to pay attention to
the importance of informing the consumer about the maximum deadline for the delivery of the order.

This deadline must be passed to the customer even before the purchase is finalized. In this way, he can
decide whether or not the term meets your needs before closing your request.

If any type of delay occurs during the process, be transparent and immediately notify the customer.
It is essential that the established business relationship has confidence as the basis. Only in this way
will you convert an ordinary customer into a loyal consumer.

Maintain a frequent relationship

Good customer service also means maintaining a frequent relationship with your customers. After all,
anyone who is not seen can not be remembered.

There are several ways to establish contact with your customers. Send marketing emails with promotions
from your woodworking shop, let the consumer know that he has special discounts for commemorative
periods (such as a birthday) and offers unique benefits to anyone who indicates their business to their
network of contacts. That way, your brand will never leave the customer's mind.

Keep in mind that the more personalized your communications are, the better your chances of converting
the contact into business and the more likely you are to attract more customers .

Have differentials

Offering a good customer service of the joinery also passes to offer differentials for those who buy with
your business. Providing diversified channels for the customer to contact, such as telephone, email and
WhatsApp, for example, makes life easier for consumers and highlights their carpentry against
the competition.

Another important point to not disappoint in customer service is to respond to the consumer quickly.
If he has asked for a budget , do not delay to return and always say the term that your company
will take to resume the contact.

It is also necessary to have agility and attention also in the time to respond to possible complaints
about the products and services. No company likes to be criticized, but you have to keep in mind
that feedback, even if negative, is valuable in order to always offer the best possible to consumers.

Count on diversified mix

To better serve the customer of your joinery it is necessary to count on a diversified mix of products
and services in your company. Ideally, the consumer will find everything he needs in one place,
which, in addition to increasing the sales volume of his joinery, also makes life easier for those
who buy with you.

Providing all sorts of consumer services is also an important step in winning your preference and
having the best service possible.

Train your employees

In order to have a good customer service, it is necessary to invest in the training of all the employees
of the joinery. In this way, they will learn the best way to deal with consumers and will be able to act
in case of problems.

Improving the customer service of the joinery is an essential point to keep the competitiveness of
your company in the furniture sector , which is increasingly busy. To succeed in this mission, you
must be able to listen to the consumer, offer products and services in line with your profile and
also constantly seek to offer the best possible experience for your client.

Stay tuned for the feedback of those who buy with your company to be always improving and
also respond quickly to possible consumer complaints. Agility is essential to keep the
customer satisfied.

To further optimize the services provided by your joinery, be sure to also read the 6 best tips
to increase your sales with tailor-made furniture !

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